How it works

New charity experience.
New way of fundraising.

Everyone shops. Every corporate gives back under their Corporate Social Responsibility. Colibr. democratises those CSRs.

Colibr. turns thousands of separate CSRs into the customers donation and your impact. Join for free to automatically become eligible for receiving 3000+ stores’s CSR donation

Colibr. is the simplest way for backers to actively support you.

More people will back you than ever so you will get more grants because we make the all process accessible, simple and automatic for everyone.

How does Colibr. work?

Colibr. connects private corporations' CSRs to non-profit organisations' impact based on the customer's choice to create sustainable growth. Colibr. is the link that brings individual interests together and creates cooperation beyond limitations.


People choose a cause to back

People can browse and choose a cause to back through Colibr. web platform. It's essential causes to register and create their page to become supportable through online purchases.


People shop online like normal

They shop like usual after they chose a cause to back and added Colibr. to their browser. The extension works automatically in the background, no need to change any shopping habits.


Corporations give back

Businesses determine what % they would like to give back, and Colibr. automatically transmits this amount from each online purchase made with Colibr. extension to the customer's selected cause.


Free and easy for backers

With Colibr. you can get more people involved because we make the process simple, free and automatic

New way of support

Colibr. offers an extra source of income, which does not affect your other fundraising habits.

Backed by 3000+ businesses

Already 3000+ world leading business joined, and counting. Our common goal is to get more support for you.

How to get started

Join as a cause in 3 simple steps


Create a Colibr. Account

Simply sign in to your personal account, or if you don't have one yet, register with your email address in 30 seconds.

Register your Cause

Once you signed in, click on your profile picture and select register a cause. Then cause registration will start, please answer all questions. These are very simple questions, the whole process takes around 3 minutes.

Get Verified

After registration you will be immediately available and eligible on the site and we will start your verification. We do this manually which usually takes a few days. Once you are approved, you will be notified by email.

Colibr. is a platform

We provide the tool, but how you use it is up to you. We help, advise and available all the time, but you need to reach out to your existing community to make it useful.

Ready to start?